Depersonalization and Derealization Symptoms and Solutions

Depersonalization:¬†Feelings of unreality, detachment, separation and disconnection. Fogginess and confusion. Derealization:¬†Surroundings look mildly different and unfamiliar. Depersonalization and derealization are not illnesses This is important to remember. They are a group of symptoms which manifest out of a fatigued mind, which is caused by the constant habit of fearful worry. When the mind becomes this […]

Three Ways to Combat Anxiety

The world is filled with so much uncertainty, tragedies, crime, natural disasters, terrorism, and the threat of war… it’s no wonder that so many people are experiencing anxiety. Around 40 million American’s age 18 and older suffer from anxiety. It can cause illnesses, interfere with your ability to perform responsibilities at work and home, and […]

Ayurvedic Approach Towards Brain Diseases And Anxiety

The human brain needs oxygen. It can survive for just a few minutes in the absence of oxygen after which it suffers from an incurable brain damage. It also requires an adequate amount of fat, glucose, and protein in order to function well. Today, people live in an environment which changes drastically almost every day. […]

4 Ways to Identify Your Personal Stress Triggers

This type of stress kicks in when you’re about to give a speech or make a toast in public. The thought of embarrassment makes you all the more determined to stay sharp and clear-minded. However, chronic stress (prolonged periods of worry) often over nothing major can have very harmful effects on your health. Besides being […]

Effective Ways to Facilitate Management of Anxiety at the Workplace

The feeling of anxiety is such a pervasive emotion that it gets easily reflected. Akin to worry, fear and other emotions, anxiety is a normal reaction to stress or threats, irrespective of whether physical or perceived in nature. In fact, this response to any kind of pressure and danger can impact a person’s productivity and […]